Rotate the globe; use the controls to manipulate.

Uses the Nilakantha series and the Gregory-Leibniz series to calculate PI.

JS Script

Information about the concepts around Critical Thinking.

A must have talent

The reason for this disaster was found by one person on the Rogers Commission; the reason we all know now.


In probability theory, the normal (or Gaussian or Gauss or Laplace-Gauss) distribution is a very common continuous probability distribution.

The third law of thermodynamics.

Chemical Engineering--Functional model of a distillation column that calculates the number of trays required for the separation a binary liquid of two hyrdrocarbons.

McCabe-Thiele Model

Click on an element to enlarge it.

Display the table as a sphere, helix or grid.

Some interesting information about the Apollo 15 mission to the moon.

Go Blue

Displays how the Fibonnaci curve can be zoomed in or out and look the same--much like a fractal with an infinite design.

Simply fun with CSS and some widely used and known physical constants.

Lots of repeated css entries.

Warning: addictive. Use the arrow keys to slide tiles, combine like numbers until you win with a tile of value 2048.

Logic in js.

Mouse click on the game window to enable keys. Arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot.

All js and an html canvas.

Supposedly original code ported to Java Script. Found on the web.

3rd Party Cookies MUST be enabled:

It will ask to use the microphone. The waves will react to outside noise or music playing on your computer.

audioContext js object

Just an incredibly useful page that has been ignored and unused since mid-December, 2017.

Uses SMTP for texting.