Francis Baumgart Esq

It was by lucky happenstance that I met Patrick Carpentier at a Starbucks.  Just a few minutes in to our conversation he was already helping me sort a problem I was having organizing and locating files and data for a trial case which I was preparing.  He came to my office the following day and helped me with new software that the State had provided to access court files.  It wasn’t a difficult solution to ask him to replace the technology support company I had been using.  He’s proven to be more supportive, more available, more personable and provide a greater scope of services.

He has since saved me countless hours by quickly providing services beyond the typical broken internet or computer.  He set me up with new business email and software, enhanced my website, provided a backup solution, familiarized me with ‘the cloud’ and other things that I can’t describe.  The law firm next door quickly took advantage of him as well.

He also coordinated moving my offices with the data providers and building engineers and had everything working and available in one day over the weekend.

I know I can call him any time of the day or night and he’ll have an answer or solution for me.  His breadth of knowledge is impressive as well as his dedication to keep me working and productive.  He’s also seen and fixed problems that I didn’t know had been costing me time.

If you need someone that won’t limit his scope and accepts any challenges or requests, I highly recommend Patrick Carpentier.

Francis Baumgart Esq.–Baumgart and Associates