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Carpentier Technology Home - carpentiertech
Patrick Carpentier
Solutions Architect, IT Consultant, Engineer and Problem Solver Extraordinaire

Are you looking for an engineer that works in IT, believes 'critical thinking' is a redundant phrase, and is in search of problems to own and solve quickly?

Do you have
  • A small office with Technology needs?
  • A large enterprise system that needs support, development or an experienced hand?
  • A state-wide system that needs to be running 24/7/365?
  • Someone to help you realize and help design your goals?
  • An office that needs to be productive every day?
  • New tools, solutions, processes or practices?
  • Or anything in between...
Do you need
  • An experienced IT consultant, team contributor or lead?
  • Someone to help you meet your goals and projects?
  • One or many large projects that require professional experience?
  • A small project that you want to get off your plate?
  • New solutions or technology?
  • Help expanding your capabilities or increasing productivity?

Invite me to join your team; I'm confident that my experience, skills and work ethic will be a positive impact to your endeavors.

  • Wide Ranging (Small office to State-Wide Systems; government, health-care, manufacturing, law, energy, revenue, welfare)
  • Project Management (Team Lead, Technology Lead, Schedule Mgmt, Budget Creation & Mgmt, Asset Mgmt, Mgmt and User Presentations, Developer and User Training)
  • Operations (Production-Development-Testing-Deployment Support, Wintel Infrastructure Build-Support, Multiple Environment Maintenance-Support-Migrations, SW-HW Upgrades, Office Relocation, New Office Build, New Data Center Build)
  • Project Communications (Partners, Clients, Stakeholders, End-Users, Government [OIG Audit Responses], Project-Wide, Proposal Writing/Composition)
  • Vendor Management (HW, SW, Circuit, Power, Wiring, Various Contractors)
  • Other (Website Creation-Maintenance, Legacy Client/Server Systems, Office 365, Google Suite, Sharepoint)
  • Complex systems support, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Solution Architect and Systems Integration
  • Server Admin (Windows, Exchange, Sharepoint, AD, HP-UX)
  • Scripting (js, ksh, cshell, bat)
  • Languages (Native C and Java--Windows and HP, php, VB)
  • Tools (WordPress, Win Virtual Server, Citrix, VMWare, Visual Studio, Atom, NetBeans, PVCS, FCP, cron, CODE-1, CA Apps)
  • Hardware (Extensive HP, EMC, Dell, IBM, Tandem [minimal])
  • Data Center (Design and Build, Power, Networking, HVAC, UPS, Generator, Racking/Stacking)
Driven Work Ethic
Application of Experience and Logic
Philosophy of Constant Learning
Open Communication
Lead by Example
Dedication (to Client, Company, End Users, those Impacted by Technology)
Service to Others, Driven to Add Maximum Value
Exceed Expectations

I'm here to offer my skills and experience...
  • Build new systems
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • Evaluate new technologies or systems
  • Plan a new technology initiative
  • Integrate systems
  • Join your team
  • Own problems and deliverables
  • Constantly be looking for increasing productivity, saving time, saving money
  • Work with urgency keeping the end-user, the owner and the business in focus
  • Find the balance between what is needed, what can be done, and what will get used

Best Lesson Learned...
 A three year project early in my career taught me several several values, or ethos, that remain, have grown, and are applied to every work situation in which I find myself. Those values starting at number 2 speak for themselves: dedication to proper methodologies, the client, the user and the schedule; work ethic and urgency; and honesty and integrity.
 The primary value is to search for ways to make a positive impact. This can be to the user, the business, the purpose or the bottom line. Sometimes it can be great. The experience that proved this to me was working as the technology lead for a childrens' welfare system. In a mere five minute walk through a call center using the system and hearing just one side of a CSR's telephone conversation, the connection of technology and human lives in need was crystal clear and forever etched in my mind. That experience created the passion and dedication to service that has been driving me since.

* Educated, trained and experienced before every problem, error or code snippet could only be found with brains and books--not Google.